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    Islamic University in Uganda, Kumi Road, P.O.BOX 2555 Mbale

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology was established to train artful graduates who develop products beneficial to human beings in the field of computers and informatics, using experience, decisions, and common ideas. It aims to increase the interest of our young population, especially in computer science, informatics, and technology.

It is a department that aims to transform this resource into innovative power. One of our most important duties on behalf of our country is to create manpower in order to ensure the development of informatics, which has become a very basic need such as air, water, and food in our lives today and is one of the elements that will carry our country to the information age.

Educational Objectives

The department of Computer Science and Information Technology at Islamic University in Uganda trains students to:

  1. Have a successful career in computer software-hardware, research development, national-international informatics organizations, or academic fields.
  2. Be able to provide sustainable solutions to computer and informatics engineering problems in the various industry sectors
  3. Be entrepreneurs and individuals who can compete in their fields.


The computer, Information, and Technology development process is an endless marathon that brings the world together with new beauties. The biggest winners of this marathon have always been those who k...

Mr. Kassim Kalinaki

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Mission Statement

To educate individuals at undergraduate and graduate levels who are competent, creative, have the power of scientific production, and have the power of participatory, numerical, and academic thinking, do not hesitate to take responsibility by following technological and scientific developments in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology.


To be a department that adopts the principle of lifelong learning and teaching, transforming knowledge into social and industrial benefit in the ever-changing technological space.