Student Life| Living on Campus

There is a wide range of social and cultural activities for students at all our campuses ranging from sports, politics, art and drama organized in a manner befitting the Islamic University. International students are welcome to take part in all extra-curricular activities. The University hosts over 50 active student associations, societies, clubs, and organizations that allow students to interact, share experiences and make friends. Taking part in one or several of these student associations is a matter of choice but it is encouraged because it is one of the easiest ways designed to get into student life and to make new friends.

Social Counseling
Life as a student is not always straight forward, and sometimes the need arises for someone to talk to. IUIU's Social Counseling Service consists of a team of professional counselors to whom students can turn for help. Here students can discuss their problems, whether they are of an academic, financial or personal nature. The counselors also have experience in dealing with concerns of international students.

Information Last Updated on:06 Sep 2012
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