Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law was established as a department in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the main Campus in September 2004 with a total number of 27 students. The faculty was housed there for one year until August 2005 when it was given autonomy and permanent premises. The Faculty of Law has a similar mission like that of the University. This is an integral part of the development strategy seized with the positive responsibility of thoroughly educating lawyers in the theory of Common law and Islamic Law (Shariah) to ensure that they rise above narrow professionalism and become significant members of the educated community in Africa. In support of this, the faculty is committed to:-
1. The provision of intellectually satisfying common law degree programmes for students combined with some elements of Islamic Law (Shariah) in the Faculty who intend to practice law as well as those who do not.
2. The provision of courses in law for students reading for other degrees.
3. The provision of students and members of the public with legal knowledge and service required in their different areas locally and internationally.
4. The provision of continuing legal education programmes for civil servants, social workers, teachers, police, prisons and army officers and the general public.
5. The thorough examination and scholarly exposition of current East African law and legal history.
6. The provision of services to government or its agencies and local authority requesting for assistance with research into specific law.
7. The undertaking of fundamental inquires in cooperation with relevant disciplines into the suitability of existing laws to meet the needs of our society.
8. The development of a capacity to earn income through the provision of high quality legal services.
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