The IUIU is preparing its 30th Anniversary due on 10th February, 2018. As IUIU Alumni we MUST show case our existance. To that effect, I request you to follow the TOR below for the formation of the association. Members, this is our opportunity to entrench our influence in the system. I need your input.


We propose the following terms for your consideration;

  • 1. We shall identify different cohorts of Alumni across Academic years and Campuses.
  • 2. We shall jointly propose the day’s activities.
  • 3. We shall issue a joint statement as IUIU Alumni to appear in the Anniversary book.
  • 4. We shall publish Alumni Database on IUIU Website; names, profile, contacts etc.
  • 5. We shall identify Categories of Successful Alumni including but not limited to; a) Categories; Politicians, Armed forces, Civil servants, Diplomats, Educationists, Entrepreneurs, Academics, etc
  • 6. We shall rate and award outstanding Alumni according to the mentioned categories using a scale of; individual Profile; the nature of the job, personal achievements, contribution to society ie capacity to employ/educate others etc.
  • 7. We shall create Alumni Fund; need for startup fund through 30th Anniversary Alumni Walk or Marathon ….with the support of corporate companies, direct fundraising, determining Alumni graduation fee etc.
  • 8. We shall discuss Alumni involvement in the development of IUIU; issues such as filling manpower gaps, mobilizing students enrolment, supporting various university activities using Alumni fund etc.
  • 9. We shall create Alumni Newsletter.
  • 10. We shall create Alumni standalone website.
  • 11. We shall plan for Alumni initiated project (s) inside and outside IUIU etc
  • 12. We shall prepare friendly football and netball match eg Pioneers Vs 14th cohort.
  • 13. We shall create Alumni memory lane….alumni album, stories…..
  • 14. We shall plan for annual reunion bonanza.
  • 15. We shall encourage social networking and supporting each other in all ways.
  • Add your input through
  • mwebesaumar@gmail.com